Wooffiliate Demo

This is a demo site prepared for you so you can try before you buy!

You can choose if you want to view as an admin or an affiliate.


Does Wooffiliate have any free version?

Wooffiliate doesn’t have a free version yet. Currently, it is a yearly subscription-based plugin.

Can my affiliates pay with their credits while purchasing an item from my site?

Yes, they can use their existing credits to purchase goods from your site.

Is it possible to apply discounts for the visitors?

Wooffiliate lets your affiliates apply discounts on their referral links. You need to enable discounts from the Basic settings in order to let your users apply discounts on their affiliate links.

Can my affiliates create custom shortlinks?

With Wooffiliate users can create custom referral links within seconds. You can choose from random shortlinks or user defined shortlinks as well.

Can I send custom emails to my affiliates?

Wooffiliate has the option to customize all the emails to keep your users updated. You can set your own message for Affiliate Application, Account Approved, Account Reject, Request Payout, and Add Credit in the Email tab of the Basic Settings.

My questions are not answered here. What to do?

Please reach out to us, our support reps are always ready to help you.